Where is the Afghan leaving the country?


Ever since the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan after two decades, thousands of Afghans, as well as foreigners, have been trying to flee the country. About 2.2 million Afghans have already taken refuge in neighboring countries and another 3.5 million have been displaced within the country’s borders.

However, it is difficult to say exactly how many Afghans have left the country at this time. But some estimates of how many people have left the country by plane have been found. The United States said on Wednesday that it had evacuated about 70,000 people using Kabul airport so far.

This is the only airport in Afghanistan that has been operational since August 14. However, the exact number of Afghans out of the 70,000 is not yet known. The UK Ministry of Defense says it has evacuated more than 10,000 people, including more than 6,000 Afghans.

The German government also said it had evacuated 4,500 people from Kabul airport. Of these, 3,600 are Afghan nationals. Half of them are women and children. However, some of the evacuees include local journalists and human rights activists. The evacuation of people from Kabul by air has gained momentum in the last few days.

How many people have left Afghanistan?
It is now a bit difficult for Afghans who have been allowed to go abroad to leave the country. Because the Taliban say they do not want Afghans to leave the country. However, it is not clear exactly how many Afghans have been able to obtain the necessary documents to leave the country.

According to the International Rescue Committee, about 300,000 Afghans have been involved in US operations since 2001, and many of them are eligible for US visas. On the other hand, 2,000 Afghans eligible for UK visas have not yet been removed.


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