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For crypto investors this has started fairly early in the week, although the numbers are starting to point upwards again.

The eyes anxiously settled to a new all-time high Ether Failed to implement as that Bitcoin miners basically pulled the price loose The whole crypto market is out last weekend.

Let’s not get too frustrated. There is a lot to discuss in the world of Etherium 2.0. This week, we’ll look at some network statistics that continue to show healthy growth across multiple key metrics, such as active legitimacy and slashing events. Next, we’ll look at the role of graffiti messages – secret notes that you can sign on to on-chain messages.

Pulse check

Source:, Analytics Analysis and Stacking Rewards (1/12/2021 @ 19:20 data as UTC)

Ethereum investors are pulling teeth from the floor despite a 30% drop in cryptocurrency prices over the weekend are 1,334 to 6,926, according to Coindesk 20.

And when Red became the official color Among many decentralized finance (DFI) users, Amit 2.0 partners are leaning towards that sweet, sweet Ether. In fact, regardless of the Eth 2.0 market conditions, fixed rewards are impressive and funds are locked for at least a year or more. So what to worry about in a short time, right?

Looking at the network, the total amount of ether stocks has increased by 5% since January 5th. Although the total value locked in the deal has dropped by about 2 2 million as the price of ether has dropped.

Bacon Chain also shows some 98% network participation, meaning the network is fine. According to ming, Eth 2.0 has about 60,0000 active validity.

Finally, Eth 2.0 went almost a whole week without any slashing events. Unfortunately, legitimate 57976 Failed to prove any vote correctly and later broke it and came out of the validator pool. Accordingly, the event has joined 35 slashing events to date

New frontier

The launch of the new blockchain is a historic event. To mark the occasion, a little note is often included in the Genesis block of the chain; For example, the first block of Bitcoin included the title The Times below:

Times 03 / January / 2009 Chancellor Bank on the verge of second bail

There was also a note with the introduction of Etherium 2.0 on December 1st. But it ended less dramatically than Satoshi Nakamoto’s call for arms against the Santo Banks: “Mr. F was,” the block. Graffiti Read

As a trustnode Report, Mr. F is a decentralized application (DAP) developer who was not in the right place at the right time, it doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, it fits quite well with the fickle nature of the Ethereum community, noted Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butarin.

You’re wondering what “graffiti” is in the first place – at least, that’s what blockchain is all about. The VIII 2.0 estimates Graffiti is described as essentially arbitrary information, with “no protocol level of significance”. Graffiti is signed Block Levels vs. other volunteer data inclusion points Transactions Level

To date, graffiti has been used primarily to identify stock companies that have verified their blocks. Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting:Why hodl -P when you can step

Voluntary on-chain data

Consumer Ben Eddington’s Teku project owner told Koindesk in a direct message that there are several ways to include data, such as signed messages in the Atom 1.x blockchain, Conscience Ben Eddington’s Teku project owner told Koindesk.

The extra data He said the field is the best reflection for the field of graffiti, as both occur at the block level and allow for a limited amount of voluntary data input.

(You can also upload data to individual functions of Etherium data Field, similar to that of Bitcoin op_return Functions These functions work at the transaction level instead of the block level, Eddington said. Eth 2.0 still cannot send transactions so this function does not exist).

It’s easier to store information randomly and arbitrarily than Bitcoin in Ethereum, Eddington said.

In fact, Butherin and most Ethereum developers have never been more concerned with blockchain so-called “bloating” with data than Bitcoin developers as Quindesk Report Thick time in 2014 op_return Conflict Data can be saved on-chain as well as paying the fees required to do so.

“The ability to keep a small amount of arbitrary data blocks in the mine is always a feature of Etherium and undisputed. It’s usually used for input data in smart contracts, but it doesn’t have to be, ”Eddington said.

It takes legitimacy

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