Ukrainian plane hijacked from Afghanistan!

আফগানিস্তান থেকে ইউক্রেনের বিমান অপহরণ!

NDTV reported that he could not initially say who was behind the incident. An unidentified man reportedly took the plane to Iran.

“Last Sunday, a plane in our country was hijacked by several people,” said Yevgeny Yenin. This plane was stolen. On Tuesday, an unidentified group of people took it to Iran. The passengers were not from our country. Meanwhile, the three attempts we made to rescue the citizens of Ukraine were unsuccessful because our citizens could not reach the airport.

Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister claimed that those who hijacked the plane were armed. However, he did not give any details in this regard.

The deputy foreign minister did not say what happened to the plane, whether Kiev would want the plane back from Iran or how the Ukrainian nationals would be repatriated from Kabul.


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