Trump first appeared after losing, here son appeals to vote a week after election


Trump is constantly accusing him of rigging the election.

Us Election: Even after losing the presidential election, Donald Trump has not addressed the American people from a public platform. On the contrary, he is not ready to give up. Trump is out for the first time.

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  • Last Updated:November 12, 2020, 6:05 PM IST

Washington. Army personnel were honored in America on Wednesday on the occasion of Veterans Day. US President Donald Trump also attended the occasion. The special thing is that after the elections are over, Trump has come before the general public for the first time. At the moment, he has not spoken to the public after losing the election and is repeating the allegations of rigging in the election. During this time, another unique thing was seen. One week of elections in the US has come to an end and Trump’s son Eric on Tuesday appealed to Minnesota residents to vote.

Tweeting in progress
Even after losing the presidential election, Trump has not addressed the American people from a public platform. On the contrary, he is not ready to give up. Although he is silent in front of the public, but his Twitter activity continues. He has not yet accepted his defeat in front of Democrat Joe Biden. Whereas, it is a tradition. Trump is preparing to sue the Supreme Court alleging rigging in the White House elections. However, until now Trump has not been able to present any evidence supporting his claims.

Trump’s clothes changed to Madame TussaudsAfter the mandate on 7 November, the media declared Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the winner. In such a situation, on the very next day, the Madame Tussauds Museum of London made changes in the clothing of the trump. The museum itself gave this information through a tweet. The museum has changed the clothes of his suit and tie to that of a golfer.

Troll due to son Eric Trump’s tweet here
According to Biden’s mandate in America, the President has been elected, but this fact is not accepted by Trump. In such a situation, Trump son Eric has come under target of people due to a tweet. Eric tweeted on Tuesday ‘Minnesota get out and vote.’ Since this tweet, the social media is being mocked. However, Eric later deleted this tweet.


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