The Japanese father’s request for instructions to keep the two children in the hotel


Their father Sharif Imran has applied to the High Court seeking directions from the Victim Support Center in Tejgaon to keep the two children of a Bangladeshi father and a Japanese mother in a better hotel.

On Wednesday, Justice M. Inayetur Rahim and Justice. The petition was filed in a virtual high court bench comprising Mostafizur Rahman. Later, the court fixed 3 pm for the hearing.

Advocate Fawzia Karim Firoz will hear the application in the court. On the other hand, Advocate Mohammad Shishir Monir is in favor of the protesting Japanese woman. Deputy Attorney General Bipul Bagmar is present at the hearing on behalf of the state.

Earlier, after the CID rescued two children from the custody of Sharif Imran on August 23, the High Court had directed to keep them in a better environment at the Victim Support Center in Tejgaon till August 31. At the same time, the court also fixed a time limit for parents to spend time with their children from 8 am to 1 pm and their parents from 3 pm to 8 pm every day till August 31. The court also advised the children to appear before the High Court on August 31 and for the lawyers of both the parties to make efforts to resolve the issue within this period.

Erico was married in 2008 to Bangladeshi-American Sharif Imran, 56, and they settled in Tokyo. The 12-year-old family has three daughters. All three were students at the American School in Japan in Chofo City, Tokyo.

They got divorced on January 17, 2021. On January 21, Imran appealed to the American School in Japan to take his daughter Jasmine Malik away. But the school authorities rejected Imran’s offer without the consent of his wife Erico. The next day, Jasmine Malika and Laila Lina were returning home by school bus when Imran took them to another rented house from the bus stop.

On January 25, Sharif Imran, through his lawyer, requested Erico to hand over the girls’ passports. But Erico rejected the request and filed a lawsuit in Tokyo’s Family Court on January 28 seeking an order to take the girls into his custody.

The court ordered Erico to meet with the girls on February 8, 11 and 14. But Imran broke the court order and gave the opportunity to the two daughters to meet the mother only once. Then on February 9, on the basis of ‘false information’, Imran issued a new passport for his daughters. On February 21, he moved to Bangladesh via Dubai with Jasmine Malika and Laila Lina. Meanwhile, on May 31, the Tokyo Family Court ordered that Jasmine Malika and Laila Lina be handed over to their mother, Erico. Erico consulted with a human rights activist and lawyer in Bangladesh. On July 17, he came to Bangladesh via Sri Lanka and despite his corona report being negative, Imran disbelieved the report and refused to meet him with his children. On July 26, Erico’s mobile connection was switched off and he was given a chance to meet the girls blindfolded. In this situation, Japanese doctor Nakano Erico filed a writ petition in the High Court to get the two girls in his custody.


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