‘Russia’s relations with EU are at a critical stage’


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Moscow’s current relations with European countries were “extremely unfortunate.” He said the reality was that the policy of the European Union was to control Moscow.

This was stated by Sergei Lavrov at a joint press conference with the Foreign Minister of the host country Alexander Schlenberg in Vienna, Austria yesterday (Wednesday). He made it clear that the European Union has now taken relations with Moscow to a minimum.

“We have paid special attention to the developments in the European Union, including the tragic level of relations with Russia,” Lavrov said. Communication between Russia and the European Union is now at its lowest ebb, largely under the guise of controlling Russia.

Sergei Lavrov added: “We have announced our readiness to intensify the dialogue with the European Union on the basis of equality and mutual respect, in order to resolve the differences between Brussels and Moscow.”

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