Father’s apology: Kumar Sanu apologizes for Jaan’s Marathi statement, mother Rita responsible for raising son


10 days ago

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Contestant John Kumar Sanu of Bigg Boss 14 has been in controversy ever since his statement about Marathi. Meanwhile, the channel also apologized for this. Now, Janu’s father Kumar Sanu released a video and apologized for this act of the son. Through this video, he has also revealed that he is away from his family.

Kumar is away from family for 27 years
In the video, Kumar said that he had been living away from his family for 27 years. In this video, he also questioned his mother Rita, who raised the sons. He also mentioned his dealings with Balasaheb Thackeray. This video has been shared by TV9 journalist Shivangi Thakur on his Twitter handle.

The channel also released video
A video channel with Jaan’s apology has also been released. The video is accompanied by the caption – Jaan Kumar Sanu’s apology Nama which he gave in the episode of Bigg Boss on his relationship with Marathi language. Which was telecast on 27 October.

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