Early Cryptopunk Digital Collectible Ether sells for $ 762K – Coindesk


Some early pixel art has just been sold 605 ETH, Or purchased 1 761,889.

FlemingdooA decentralized autonomous body (DAO) for investing in digital collectibles, behind the sale of eye-popping cryptopunk on Saturday. The cryptocurrency universe is home to not only such “aliens”, but also “Holy Grills” for the emerging class of non-fungal token (NFT) pioneers and etherium-based industrial collectors in 2017.

Priyanka Desai, a representative of the Flamingodao community, told Koindesk that this is by far the most expensive piece of the collective.

“I showed my mom and she was like, ‘What ???'” Desai said in a phone interview.

Flamingo is a fund with a capital of about 40 members and 4,800 ETHs, Delai said. It has “hundreds” of NFTs, including its growing collection Autoglyphs, NBA top shot Cards and land plots in various metavers.

Desai said Flamingo’s decision to act on this rare opportunity was “whipped together in 25 minutes,” with most of the discord, Desai said.

“It is understandable for people to be skeptical about NFT, but in our view, NFT is the future of all digital property, not just digital art,” Flemingoda said in a statement. “It’s a very large spear tip.”

A prominent decentralized finance (DFI) personality, (0x_b1, a counter bidder who was a cryptocurrency loser at ৮ 2699 @ x 0x_b1 said in a tweet that they valued cryptocurrency at approximately মিল 1 million.

The cryptocurrency in question was last sold in July 2017 at 8 ETH, or 2,127. This represents a 75x return (and more than a dollar) for investing in ETH positions.

“People see it as collectible, which is significant in the history of the NFT,” Desai said.

Desai said DAO members can still determine return perception options when it comes to investing. Excluding future appreciation or its potential Financing“Flamingo also has this idea if you want to create galleries in different metavers to put these and other pieces on display,” he said.


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