Diabetics can safely eat these 6 fruits


Currently, diabetes or sugar problems are at home. In addition to medication, diet control is also a big challenge to stay healthy. Many people have restrictions on eating sweets when it comes to sugar.

But this time the mind wants to eat sweets again. You can rely on fruit to meet your sugar cravings. There are some fruits that can be eaten by diabetics in Nirvana. News Hindustan Times.

Although not readily available, it is a very healthy and beneficial fruit for diabetics. This fruit helps in lowering the blood sugar level and keeps the body healthy.

Studies have shown that citrus fruits reduce the risk of diabetes. But just playing with juice increases diabetes. So it is healthier to eat the whole fruit than to drink the juice of all these fruits.

Desi sour-sweet fruit Kamranga is very beneficial for diabetics. Kamranga has a lot of vitamin C which helps in controlling diabetes. So be sure to include it in your diet.

Sweet apples are not harmful for diabetics at all. This high-fiber fruit contains vitamin C and antioxidants. Apple’s GI index is 30 to 50. So you can eat a small apple a day.


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