British nationals ordered to leave Afghanistan quickly


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The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating as Taliban fighters occupy one city after another. The Taliban are occupying one city after another as US troops leave the country. Britain ordered its citizens to leave Afghanistan for security reasons during the crisis. News Deutsche Welle.

Last Friday, Britain’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office issued a travel guide for its nationals stationed in Afghanistan. It said all British citizens were being asked to leave Afghanistan. Terrorists can carry out attacks in Afghanistan. Their method of attack is becoming more complex. In Kabul, in particular, militants can carry out attacks on people or objects associated with Western countries. There is also the fear of kidnapping.

British nationals have also been asked to contact the UK embassy in Kabul to confirm plans to leave Afghanistan.

The Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development has updated the website to provide advice against travel to Afghanistan.

“The crisis is deepening in the country,” the statement said. If you are still in Afghanistan, leave quickly without delay. Because the security situation is deteriorating. ‘

Meanwhile, the United States on Saturday ordered US citizens to leave Afghanistan as soon as possible.


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