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Vladimir van der Laan, the Bitcoin Core’s top maintainer, has decided to take a “more” background role in the interest of further decentralization of the project, according to a new report. Blog post.

Bitcoin Core is the core content of the Bitcoin network. Software Van der Laan’s work is in most cases the “court” of nature, ensuring that the code of nature’s project goes smoothly, with some in the community seeing him as a kind of leader. As Van der Laan writes, it has become a kind of “centralized barrier.”

His announcement comes after finding himself in the middle Debate Thursday. Some Bitcoin users did not like it Decision After Craig Wright’s legal threat, to pull the white paper from Van der Laan, however, thinks he has been thinking for a while about the decision to step back from the core.

“I will start by dedicating my own tasks and reducing my involvement. “I don’t want to stop contributing to the Bitcoin or Bitcoin Core project, but I want to take a background role (more) by moving myself away from the critical path,” he wrote.

He thinks the move will help decentralize the project, a digital currency that is not supposed to have a leader. “One thing is clear: this is a serious project now, and we should start taking decentralization seriously,” Van der Laan wrote.

His decision is part of a larger effort to further decentralize the project. For example, in 2020 a wave of Bitcoin companies is providing grants to developers working full-time on the underlying protocol.

Exchange OkecoinFor example, in the case of Commit, the most active maintenance behind Van der Laan – being funded by Marco Fall – is a code change that has been successfully incorporated into this project. Popular exchange Coinbase After receiving many requests from the community to do this, the two developers are now also supporting it. Several more organizations have joined them in grant doling over the past year.

Bitcoin core contributor John Newberry Has been turned on Nonprofit Darona also provides advice and funding to more developers, especially in an effort to involve more contributors from different backgrounds.

In fact, Van der Laan notes in his post that he is no longer the most active Bitcoin core maintainer, as a few more have joined over the years.

Also, he outlined other ideas for decentralization of the project. For example, is a major website where users can download new versions of Bitcoin core code. But it is privately owned and centralized. He suggested transferring it to an organization.

“The requirements here are a bit different from anything else in Bitcoin [free and open-source software] Projects, so we need to develop some tools on the go, “Van der Laan wrote.” We can certainly use some help here. “

He has asked other developers to take steps to take his place as leader of the weekly Bitcoin Core Development Meeting, where developers discuss pressing the next steps.


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