Archer Jeff Dorman in Crypto Trends to watch in 2021


What effect will crypto have on the nature of companies? Will test in crypto Governance Lab How do companies orchestrate leads to long-term trends?

This week Feedback Podcast We’ve had a discussion with Jeff Dorman, Chief Investment Officer of Arca’s Crypto Hedge Fund.

Dorman, a Queensdesk columnist, argues that “community tokens” (like links or sushi) will inevitably surpass “VC tokens” (like CMPs, ATMs) because there is a priority in the game.

And he believes that the trend of community ownership in crypto will be accompanied by a more broad shift towards different stakeholders as well as firms working properly by their shareholders.

Dorman compares Airbnb and Dordash to a DFI project like UNICEF, which is now moving towards an IPO. Former rewards are liquidity providers (and soon token-holders) who share in the success of this system. Increasingly companies were built on the work of homeowners and distribution people, but all profits listed publicly would go to the stock-holder.

“With digital resources you have started to democratize access to these companies and you are starting to spread income inequality,” he says.

Encouragement is the key to working for a more democratic administration. “No one cares about the administration until it affects their bottom line. Twitter is not going to change its governance in the interests of the ideology. If there is an administration in the interest of cash flow, that is another story.

A sharp thinker with two decades of investment experience, Dorman put a lot of insight into our conversations on Bitcoin, NFT and Twitter in the wake of this week’s capital attack.

Watch the episode now and read Dorman’s Coindesk The column is here.


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