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Afghanistan: East Asia, China’s Poibarro Concerned Over US Reliability as Ally


Many Asian countries are concerned after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. There are questions about relying on America.

Many analysts, however, agree with Biden. He also thinks that Afghanistan is very different from the developed countries of East and Southeast Asia. These countries have strong governments and are militarily strong. There are many similarities between them and American values ​​in political and other aspects. And these countries have long been America’s strongest military and trade allies.

Many analysts also believe that a country like South Korea is at the center of US military strategy in Asia and that in the near future the US will withdraw its troops from that country, which is very unlikely.

‘Destructive America’

But China has stepped up its campaign to defeat the United States, amid a cycle of uncertainty over the situation in Afghanistan.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said last week that the hasty withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan had led to “severe negative reactions”. Extremists within the Chinese government are speaking one step further. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has repeatedly compared the situation in Afghanistan to the “fall of Saigon.”

On the other hand, his colleague in the Foreign Ministry, Hua Chunying, branded the United States “destructive” and said, “Whenever the United States sets foot in a country. We see instability, divisions, family breakdowns and deaths … America is cut off from one of these countries. “

The Global Times, known as a spokesman for the Chinese government, wrote in an editorial aimed at Taiwan that they should “not get on the anti-China American chariot.”

Taiwan claims to be an independent sovereign country and they buy a lot of weapons from America. But the Chinese feel that Taiwan is a part of their disintegration that needs to be reunited with the mainland even if it uses force.

But Mr Biden himself has indirectly fueled Taiwan’s skepticism about how much the US will play a role in their threat. For example, in his interview with ABC, Mr. He spoke of putting Taiwan in line with Japan and South Korea. But there is no formal defense agreement with Taiwan, as the United States has formal agreements with Japan and South Korea, saying the United States will step in to defend them if any war breaks out.

As a result, Chinese state media has not stopped criticizing Joe Biden about how much he cares about Taiwan at all.



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