20 Indian faces in Biden and Harris team, how many do you know?


Even before the newly elected US President Joe Biden assumed office on January 20, 20 Indian-Americans have been nominated for important roles in their administrative team. Of these, 13 are of women, who are going to play a special role in the Biden administration. Only 1% of the US population is Indian Americans, and getting so much representation to this community is going to be a history in itself.

It is also interesting that 17 of the 20 Indian Americans elected to the Biden team will be directly part of the White House complex. On Sunday itself, News 18 told you that which women of Indian origin have got very important roles in the Biden team. Now know about the entire team of 20 faces.

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20 Indian faces of Biden teamIn the history of America, no Indian has got so many important positions in the administration of a President, as many have got at the beginning of Biden’s term. Know these faces that are creating a glorious history for India in America.

Neera Tandon: Neera has been nominated to the post of director in the White House Office of Management and Budget.
Dr. Vivek Murthy: The name of this Indian surgeon was discussed for the post of Surgeon General of America.
Vanita Gupta: Vanita’s name has been in the news for her role as Associate Attorney General in Justice and Department.
Uzra Zeya: The State Secretary will take up the position for matters related to civil security, democracy and human rights.

13 women of Indian origin got place in Biden team.

Mala Adiga: Mala will appear as policy director for Biden’s wife Jill Biden.
Garima Verma: Jill Biden will have dignity in the office of digital director.
Sabrina Singh: Sabrina’s name was nominated for Jill’s deputy press secretary going on to become America’s first woman.
Ayesha Shah: Ayesha got the role of Partnership Manager for Digital Strategy in White House.

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Sameera Fazili: After Ayesha, Sameera is the second Kashmiri to get a role in the White House. Sameera will be the deputy director in the National Economic Council.
Bharat Ramamurthy: Sameera’s counterpart will also be NEC deputy director Ramamurthy.
Gautam Raghavan: Will hold the post of deputy director in the office associated with the presidential staff.
Vinay Reddy: There will be a director in the speech writing department.

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Vedanta Patel: Patel will be responsible for Assistant Press Secretary to the President.
Sonia Aggarwal: In the White House, she will play a senior adviser in climate policy and innovation in the US.
Vidur Sharma: The White House’s Kovid 19 Response Team will have policy advisors on testing matters.
Tarun Chhabra: Of the three Indians who entered the Security Council of the White House, Tarun was made the senior director for National Security and Technology.

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Sumona cavity: The department associated with National Security will have senior director in South Asia related matters.
Shanti Kalathil: She has been a Coordinator for Democracy and Human Rights matters.
Neha Gupta: Appointed as an Associate Counsel to the team of lawyers in the White House.
Reema Shah: She will serve as a deputy associate council with Neha.

You know kamla harris
Kamala Harris, who has her roots in India and South Asia, is the first black American woman to go on to become the Vice President. Kamla will be the biggest and prominent face in Biden’s team, which has been discussed a lot. The Indian American community is very excited about getting so much representation and recognition.


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